Create Your Own Greeting Cards

If you want some information about how you can create your own greeting cards, then this article is just meant for you! Greeting cards sent are always special and attempts are made to personalize them as much as possible, whether they are sent to friends and family, or to just casual acquaintances. Though it is possible for one to browse for greeting cards online (123 Greetings, for example), it is equally simple to design one’s own greeting card using simple desktop publishing and designing principles.

The first step is to find a software with which one is comfortable, such as Page Maker or InDesign. That done, the next job would be to decide the format in which the greeting card you want made should be presented. It is extremely important to have an idea of the kind of greeting you want to send ahead of beginning work on your greeting card. The graphics, fonts, etc that you would use in your card will depend on the mood of your card, funny, serious, formal, etc. Also, the layout – top fold, side fold, etc – must be chosen right at the outset.

Once the mood of the card has been conceived of, one can immediately begin the set up, using a blank document from the desired software. If the software has a choice of templates that you could use, you may choose the desired one, or you could also design your personalized card from the scratch. For pictures and graphics, you could use graphics from your clip-art gallery, or browse through pictures on your computer and choose the ones you wish to insert. However, some of your images would need editing according to the size of your card to make it look more attractive and proportionate. In case you are using more than one image, you could use simple merge tools in your software to give a more unified look to your greeting.

In choosing your font, though plain black is always a good option, adding a typeface and color that suits the mood and nature of the greeting, would always be an attractive proposition. Font can be kept simple or made fancy according to the message you wish to convey. More than a single typeface is generally an unwanted distraction, but in special cases it can be used. Choice of color for the font is an important one. It should be easy on the eye, preferably in good contrast with the background and graphics on your card for it to show properly.

In order to align your text and graphics on the card, it would be advisable to use a grid so as to give a sense of balance and also to eliminate a lot of blank space on one side of the card, and overcrowding on other portions. This is important also to give the card a consistent and unified look.

Having created your customized greeting you might want to add your credits, which could be done on the back-page of your card. Before printing your card, check the draft for any errors, layout, margins, alignment, etc. Also check ink cartridges and paper for desired quality. And there you have it – simple directions to creating your own personal greeting cards.