Starting A Greeting Card Business

Starting a greeting card business is an appealing prospect for many people wanting to be their own bosses. This is a great outlet for self-expression and a chance to help others find the right words.

This type of small business is an ideal one to operate from home and generally does not require a large investment. The two main pieces of equipment to get into the greeting card business are a computer and a printer.

Starting a card business requires discipline and good business practices. Ways to get started include:

Doing The Research

This applies to any type of business you want to start. Look at what makes other companies successful, try to get a sense of what people like and what people are buying. Of course, you should do some market research to confirm if this is a profitable venture. None of this suggests that you should copy what anyone else is doing. Rather, collecting information is useful in developing your own style and themes. With greeting cards, explore the option of catering to a niche market. Humorous cards or ones that deal with unusual celebrations may be worth exploring further.

Get Help

Having a few people you can bounce ideas off will serve to strengthen the creative process. Diverse personalities often lead to fruitful interactions and will enhance the creative process. Try to get friends and family members to weigh in on your concepts and maybe throw in a few of their own. Depending on your vision for the business, you may need to bring in one or two people as partners when starting a greeting card business.

Get The Right Tools

This advice is applicable in any type of business. A computer is essential as is the acquisition of design and editing software. You will also need a scanner and a printer possibly.

Keep It Official

If you are serious about starting a greeting card business get the legalities in place. Find out what the regulations are in your area concerning the need to register a business for instance. A business license is a sign that you are committed to making a success of your venture. This also helps to make others see that you are operating a legitimate business entity.

If you are starting a greeting card business, you must have an appreciation for copyright issues. You do not need to have legal experience or even to hire a lawyer, but you must understand the importance of protecting creator’s rights. Never use the ideas of others, as this could expose you to litigation. A reputation for using the work of others will also be damaging in the eyes of potential customers.

Get Noticed

It takes effort to get noticed by potential customers.

Here are a few ideas:

Network as much as you can to connect with others and get your company’s name out.

Attend events put on by your local chamber of commerce and hand out business cards or samples of your work.

Renting a booth at a trade show is another good way to get people interested in your business.

Contact your local small business association for a calendar of events in your area. This organization could also turn out to be a vital source of helpful advice and business contacts.

Build A Website

In today’s world, a greeting card business must have an online presence. The days of successful local greeting card stores are pretty much over. Even if you do have a shop or gallery, you will need to have a website. Beware of trying to do everything yourself, and consider getting some help with building a professional, attractive, easy-to-navigate website. Do this before handing out business cards; after all, you will want to have your web address on your business cards.

When starting a greeting card business it is important to offer something different from your competitors. Your products must stand out and say something about your company’s creativity. Joining the Greeting Card Association is a good way to keep abreast of what is happening in the industry. With hard work and determination to succeed, you can compete and do well against some of the largest producers in the market.

Create Your Own Greeting Cards

If you want some information about how you can create your own greeting cards, then this article is just meant for you! Greeting cards sent are always special and attempts are made to personalize them as much as possible, whether they are sent to friends and family, or to just casual acquaintances. Though it is possible for one to browse for greeting cards online (123 Greetings, for example), it is equally simple to design one’s own greeting card using simple desktop publishing and designing principles.

The first step is to find a software with which one is comfortable, such as Page Maker or InDesign. That done, the next job would be to decide the format in which the greeting card you want made should be presented. It is extremely important to have an idea of the kind of greeting you want to send ahead of beginning work on your greeting card. The graphics, fonts, etc that you would use in your card will depend on the mood of your card, funny, serious, formal, etc. Also, the layout – top fold, side fold, etc – must be chosen right at the outset.

Once the mood of the card has been conceived of, one can immediately begin the set up, using a blank document from the desired software. If the software has a choice of templates that you could use, you may choose the desired one, or you could also design your personalized card from the scratch. For pictures and graphics, you could use graphics from your clip-art gallery, or browse through pictures on your computer and choose the ones you wish to insert. However, some of your images would need editing according to the size of your card to make it look more attractive and proportionate. In case you are using more than one image, you could use simple merge tools in your software to give a more unified look to your greeting.

In choosing your font, though plain black is always a good option, adding a typeface and color that suits the mood and nature of the greeting, would always be an attractive proposition. Font can be kept simple or made fancy according to the message you wish to convey. More than a single typeface is generally an unwanted distraction, but in special cases it can be used. Choice of color for the font is an important one. It should be easy on the eye, preferably in good contrast with the background and graphics on your card for it to show properly.

In order to align your text and graphics on the card, it would be advisable to use a grid so as to give a sense of balance and also to eliminate a lot of blank space on one side of the card, and overcrowding on other portions. This is important also to give the card a consistent and unified look.

Having created your customized greeting you might want to add your credits, which could be done on the back-page of your card. Before printing your card, check the draft for any errors, layout, margins, alignment, etc. Also check ink cartridges and paper for desired quality. And there you have it – simple directions to creating your own personal greeting cards.

What Types of Holiday Greeting Cards Should I Consider?

The greeting card is a thoughtful and economical way to let someone in your network of family, friends and business partners know that you care. You can choose from a variety of styles this Christmas, but be sure to get an early start since mail load is often heavy during the holiday season. Most people aim for a first week of December mailing to ensure their greeting cards reach their destinations. To add a personal touch, use holiday address labels and postage stamps.

One type of Christmas greeting card to consider is the charitable donation card. At “Cards for Causes”, you can choose from a huge selection of causes, including the American Red Cross, Children’s Miracle Network, Doctors Without Borders, Environmental Defense Fund, Feed the Children, American Cancer Society, American Stroke Foundation, the ASPCA, Teach For America and many more. Choose from 56 designs, with prices running around $14.95 for 18 cards, with no minimum order mandate, like most other donation sites. Choose from over 250 vivid-color designs at “Good Cause Greetings” and donate to the National Foundation For Cancer Research, Doctors of the World, the Global Health Council, the Breast Cancer Fund, the Wildlife Trust and others. Donate as little as $14.20 for 10 cards, $71 for 50 or as much as $12,298 for 10,000.

If you don’t plan on sending a ton of greeting cards this year but you want the coolest and most innovative, then there are some Christmas season goodies. There are cards that play music at “American Greetings” or “Hallmark”. There are also cards that smell nice at “Scentsational-Greetings”. If you’re into holographic or lenticular effects, then try some of the latest cards from “3d Stereo”. Chatterbox Greetings based out of the UK also has an impressive assortment of musical and lenticular light show greetings.

Business greeting cards are incredibly popular to thank high-rolling clients, build morale among employees or build stronger relationships. Some of the classiest holiday season cards can be found this Christmas season at “The Gallery Collection”. The more you order at these sites, the more you save. For instance, you can buy 25 premium cards for $49.74 or 500 cards for $474. Choose from snowflakes, winter scenes and other tasteful art gifts.

Box sets with 35 cards and 16 designs are available for $51.50. At “Artline Greetings”, and you can also find artistic greetings. At Artline, you can customize your own text and signature, ordering 25 cards for $58.75 or 100 for $162. You can choose cityscape, traditional holiday cards, recycled or charity cards as well.

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How to Send Your Warmest Greetings With Free Greeting Cards to Print

Nowadays sending your greetings to a loved one only takes a matter of minutes. Finding the right greeting card that can convey your greetings or sentiments is easy and fast. Thanks to the Internet for you can now make the most of your greeting cards without any hassle at all. A lot of websites offer printable greeting cards and postcards for free.

There are wide assortments of greeting cards and they are just one click away from you. When you find the website that offers free greeting cards to print, you can begin your search for the best card that will express your sentiments or good wishes to the recipient.

Though many services have cropped up online, the success of online printable greeting is undeniable. The free greeting cards to print found in the Internet serve as the easiest means to create cards that will communicate your personal message to your family and friends. These free printable cards give you the opportunity to make finely made greeting cards to brighten up your beloved.

Free greeting cards to print services also include custom options to make your greetings more personalized. You can also use the ready-made design templates offered by some websites for your card printing needs. Some websites also offers options wherein you can upload an image or pick an image from the image gallery that the company provides. In this way, you can bring your own greeting card ideas to life.

Moreover, online printable greeting cards are also perfect for people who don’t have the budget to create a handmade paper greeting card. Since most of the printable greeting cards are free of charge. You can easily print the greeting card of your choice and scrimp and save at the same time…CONTINUE [–with-free-greeting-cards-to-print.html]

Learn How Greeting Cards Make Any Occasion Special

Giving a greeting card to someone you love, is the most touching, individualized gift that you can share with them. There is no limit to the kinds of events that you can commemorate with a card, and the assortment of styles and colors is huge. A card can perfectly convey your feelings on your aunt and uncle’s anniversary, as well as your brother’s graduation.

With the advent of printing, cards grew in popularity in the 1850s, when the cost of sending this type of intimate correspondence became much more affordable. At that time greeting cards conveyed Valentine’s Day wishes, and several years later, Christmas cards were sent. The use of greeting cards has expanded over the years, and now the majority of the world’s nations send holiday greeting cards meant to wish those close to them, as well as acquaintances and co-workers, a “Happy Holiday”.

Greeting cards are appropriate for many milestones and events, and whether you are 9 or 99, you will have an occasion for which a card will be needed. And what’s wrong with that? What better method is there to let your friends and family know how much you love and appreciate them?

You will find that no matter what your preference, there is a theme and style to match your needs. Sometimes a photo is printed on the card. Many times the picture that you see is some type of art work, that has been recreated on the card, possibly from a famous photography collection. Some cards featuring photographs have had the image made just to go on the card, and therefore, these greeting cards are one-of-a-kind. This is not just the case for photos utilized on cards. Paintings found in galleries and museums, have had their images printed on to cards, for instance, and on the other hand, some paintings have been painted specifically to be used on a card.

You will find more than just an array of colors and styles in cards, as many cards are enhanced by eloquent words. Often you will find thoughtful poetry on these cards, that relates to the event being celebrated. Humorous cards are loved by many, and they are the perfect way to brighten the day of someone celebrating a birthday or other occasion.

There has been a trend toward blank greeting cards recently. You have your choice of many styles to choose from in these types of cards as well. The difference that you will find with these cards is that they contain no words. The idea of these cards is to allow ample room for you to put your own words here. A large number of individuals actually cherish this type of greeting card even more, due to the fact that what is written on the card is especially for them.

You should carefully consider whether your recipient will enjoy a funny message or a blank card that you write a personal note in, before you purchase one. In this way, you can be sure that they will receive a greeting card that they will want to save amongst their most treasured memories. Hopefully you now understand that greeting cards are the perfect way to commemorate any event!

Greeting Cards As Great Art

E-cards is big business. Typically, they consist of cheap cardboard paper with a cheesy picture on the front and an even cheesier greeting inside. You know the kind of greeting card I’m talking about-the ones you got at your birthday party when you were a kid and threw out with the wrapping paper.

Some people actually keep their e-cards, especially nowadays in this era of scrapbooking. Wouldn’t it be a nice gesture to upgrade the quality of the e-cards you give, especially if you know they’re going in some scrapbook? You know, something a bit classier than the cheap cards we gave our friends at their birthday parties.

A good solution would be putting something of quality on the cover and inside of e-cards. One of the most recent and biggest trends in the greeting card industry these days is printing fine art on them. Any art museum or gallery you go to will sell e-cards with the works of the masters they exhibit. Artists are now marketing themselves by printing their works on e-cards and selling them.

Even poets are getting into the greeting card business. The great Maya Angelou, for example, has been placing her verses on cards for Hallmark since 2002. She resisted for a while, thinking that penning sentiments for e-cards was beneath her, but even she couldn’t resist such a lucrative deal. (Some of the cards contain quotes from her previous works, like I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, but most of them are completely original.)

By purchasing these high-quality e-cards, not only can you pass on your appreciation of art, you can give your friends, family, and loved ones something that they’ll treasure and actually keep. Their scrapbooks will be full of beautiful artwork, instead of cheesy drawings. How nice to receive a card with a beautiful picture and well-considered words. It’s worth the extra cost.

If you’re an artist who wants to get the word out about your work, and put it in the hands of more people, selling them on e-cards may be a good choice. There are scores of greeting card companies out there who are willing to help you do that. All you have to do is open an account with them, pay a fee (typically about $30 per year), upload your artwork, set your prices, and then start selling them. (These companies also tend to sell standard prints, framed prints, and stretched canvases.) Most of these greeting card companies process your customers’ order for you, print them out, package and ship them, and then accept payment for you.