What Types of Holiday Greeting Cards Should I Consider?

The greeting card is a thoughtful and economical way to let someone in your network of family, friends and business partners know that you care. You can choose from a variety of styles this Christmas, but be sure to get an early start since mail load is often heavy during the holiday season. Most people aim for a first week of December mailing to ensure their greeting cards reach their destinations. To add a personal touch, use holiday address labels and postage stamps.

One type of Christmas greeting card to consider is the charitable donation card. At “Cards for Causes”, you can choose from a huge selection of causes, including the American Red Cross, Children’s Miracle Network, Doctors Without Borders, Environmental Defense Fund, Feed the Children, American Cancer Society, American Stroke Foundation, the ASPCA, Teach For America and many more. Choose from 56 designs, with prices running around $14.95 for 18 cards, with no minimum order mandate, like most other donation sites. Choose from over 250 vivid-color designs at “Good Cause Greetings” and donate to the National Foundation For Cancer Research, Doctors of the World, the Global Health Council, the Breast Cancer Fund, the Wildlife Trust and others. Donate as little as $14.20 for 10 cards, $71 for 50 or as much as $12,298 for 10,000.

If you don’t plan on sending a ton of greeting cards this year but you want the coolest and most innovative, then there are some Christmas season goodies. There are cards that play music at “American Greetings” or “Hallmark”. There are also cards that smell nice at “Scentsational-Greetings”. If you’re into holographic or lenticular effects, then try some of the latest cards from “3d Stereo”. Chatterbox Greetings based out of the UK also has an impressive assortment of musical and lenticular light show greetings.

Business greeting cards are incredibly popular to thank high-rolling clients, build morale among employees or build stronger relationships. Some of the classiest holiday season cards can be found this Christmas season at “The Gallery Collection”. The more you order at these sites, the more you save. For instance, you can buy 25 premium cards for $49.74 or 500 cards for $474. Choose from snowflakes, winter scenes and other tasteful art gifts.

Box sets with 35 cards and 16 designs are available for $51.50. At “Artline Greetings”, and you can also find artistic greetings. At Artline, you can customize your own text and signature, ordering 25 cards for $58.75 or 100 for $162. You can choose cityscape, traditional holiday cards, recycled or charity cards as well.

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